How To

1 Lie face-down on the floor and place a massage ball below your hip. Lean onto your forearms for support.
2 Lift off from the ground, placing your body weight onto the hip flexor.
3 Slowly push your body backwards until the ball reaches your groin.
4 Slowly roll back and forth.

Pro Tips

  • -You may feel several painful spots - these are knots. When you come across them, hold on to that spot for a few seconds.
  • -Focus on breathing mindfully through any pain points.


Massage Ball
Massage Ball


  • Better hip mobility
  • More range of motion in the hip joints
  • Alleviates hip pain
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Common Mistakes

  • Not working through tight spots.
  • Rolling too far forward on your ball. This only stretches the quads.
  • Rolling too far back. This puts too much stretch on the abdominal muscles.
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Q: Why should you stretch your hip flexor muscles?
A: Hip flexor stretches help remedy the effects of staying in one position too long or having a sedentary lifestyle. Stretching these muscles increases range of motion and can promote pain relief in the hips and lower back.